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Tune in from 1 PM - 5 PM in the afternoons for tons of fun with Kyle Dean! Get the lastest news, weather, and sports! Tune in at 1:55 PM to see "What's on TV for Tonight?" and get your "Quote of the Day" at 1:58 PM! Then you can't miss the "This Day in History" at 2:50 PM and "Late Night Bits" at 2:55 PM! Get a sports report at 3:40 PM with national and local sports! And we have the best music mix to help you get through your second half of your day!

About Kyle Dean:

Kyle Dean was born in Minot, ND and raised in a little town of Norwich, ND, which is a town of 50 people…on a good day. He went to Surrey High School where he was active in school activities. He played football in Surrey and was involved in band, choir, and drama. Kyle enjoys the North Dakota Class B sports scene since he grew up with it. He was the kid that dressed up in school colors to cheer on his high school team.

Kyle went to Minot State University to receive his Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting with a minor in Speech and a concentration in Marketing. He knew he wanted to go into broadcasting when he was a Weather Kid for Tom Schrader back in 1999 when he was in 2nd grade. Kyle worked many part-time jobs throughout high school and college, but the one he most loved was working at Clear Channel Radio in Minot, ND. Hired on in high school of December of 2008, he worked almost 5 years doing various activities. He did DJing, newscasts, and interviews on 910 AM KCJB, and also did weekends on 97 Kicks FM. When Clear Channel needed a part-time play by play person, Kyle jumped at the opportunity back in 2011.

For his senior year in college, Kyle did live TV broadcasts for the Minot State Men’s and Women’s basketball on the local access channel in Minot, KMSU Channel 19. He used social media to get the word out about his broadcasts. He also did some freelance work for Midco Sports Network and was a KMSU Manager at Minot State training all the incoming freshmen using the broadcasting equipment.

Kyle enjoys hanging out with his wife, Kelsey, watching the Chicago Bears, camping, riding motorcycle, playing video games and just spending time with his family.

Kyle has won multiple awards for his broadcasting career:
Award of Merit 2013 Eric Sevareid Award for Play by Play
First Place 2012 Eric Sevareid Award for Play by Play
Award of Merit 2012 Eric Sevareid Award for Weather Cast
2012 – 2013 Minot State Broadcasting Senior of the Year

You can contact Kyle Dean!

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