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Wake up mornings with Rick Jensen presenting local news, weather, sports and information that won’t insult your intelligence.  See who the idiot for the day is on the Bonehead of the Day Award at 5:50 and 7:58 am, Mrs. J has her wake up call at 6:58 am and try to win some doughnuts with the BS in The Morning Birthday Challenge at 8:40 am presented to you by Warehouse Grocery. Submit your or someone else’s birthday name for the Birthday Show at 8:58 and play Slurp with Rick Trivia courtesy of JW’s Restaurant Lanes Bar and Grill at 9:30 am.
ABC News and Information at the top and bottom of each hour plus join Perry Olson and Amber Wheeler for the latest news and weather on KX News Morning from KXMC CBS 13 at 6:00 am with updates at 7:25 and 8:25 am and precision weather forecasts throughout the day with Amber Wheeler.  It’s BS In The Morning, betcha can’t listen just once.
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As many of you know, Sheila and I love to RV.  During my off time and especially during the winter months, I spend a lot of time on RV.Net.  It really helps keep my sanity in check. 


Jim Lelm putting the Ford F250 Powerstroke Diesel to the ultimate test.

 This is the way to broadcast!!

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