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Sheila Jensen
Sheila Jensen
General Manager / President
Sheila (better known as Mrs. J) was born in Leicester, England, grew up in a small town called Syston and graduated from Roundhill College.  After spending a few years in administration and secretarial jobs, Sheila moved into the field of Sales and Marketing.  She spent many years developing her career with weekly and the daily Newspapers, receiving Regional and National Media Awards along the way. 
Mrs. J moved to the U.S.A. in 1996, settled in Harvey in 1997 (which she loves), and married Rick Jensen in 2000.  Her spare time is spent cleaning up after Rick (which is a full time job), RVing in the Spring and Summer, and enjoying the company of the ‘Crafty Ladies’ Homemakers Club.  Mrs. J says the only down fall to be married to Rick is the constant attention they receive from the Paparazzi, “they camp out on our door step, hide in trees, follow our vehicles, just to get a photo of my ‘celebrity’ husband Rick!!

Rick Jensen
Rick Jensen
Vice President / Host
Richard F. Jensen was born in the late 1960’s in Harvey, ND and was raised on a Dairy Farm in rural Sheridan County south of Anamoose ND.  He graduated from Anamoose High School in 1985 and attended Minot State University before enrolling into Meyer School of Broadcasting of Minot with a certificate in Radio Broadcasting.
He currently enjoys the ownership of KHND Radio with his lovely wife Sheila and is active with St. Martin Lutheran Church (LCMS) of Anamoose as the audio/video guy and presently serves as President of St. Martin Lutheran Church.  Rick also enjoys being a board member of the Wells County Fair Association helping line up the widely attended Wells County Fair in June of each year and serves as a director with the Harvey Area Chamber of Commerce.  He is also proud to be part of the TEA Party movement in North Dakota hosting 2 such TEA Parties in Harvey.  In his spare time Rick loves to get the fiver (fifth wheel RV) out on the road to area State Parks with Sheila when he is not posting on RV.NET Open Roads Forum.  Winter sucks but one day Sheila and Rick hope to winter in the warmer climates with the fiver doing the morning show from there (Bring on the software Joe).



R David Adams
R. David Adams
Co-Host Get It Off Your Chest
and Mid-Days
The illustrious radio career of the legendary R. David Adams began in Devils Lake in the mid to late 1960’s while he was still a high-schooler.  In the years  that followed, he was in demand not only as a radio personality, production director and technical engineer but he was also contracted to revamp and direct the formats of many of the top radio stations throughout North Dakota.  During the mid-1970’s, his voice was heard on the iconic KFYR-AM when it was recognized as the foremost top 40 radio powerhouse throughout much of the central United States and Canada. Today, R. David still maintains his passion for live, local radio at KHND…in addition to restoring classic cars, collecting and refurbishing antique radios and traveling to concert events by famed performers such as Neil Diamond, Billy Joel & Elton John.  


Kyle Dean

Kyle Dean
Sports Director and Afternoons

Kyle Dean was born in Minot, ND and raised in a little town of Norwich, ND, which is a town of 50 people…on a good day. He went to Surrey High School where he was active in school activities. He played football in Surrey and was involved in band, choir, and drama. Kyle enjoys the North Dakota Class B sports scene since he grew up with it. He was the kid that dressed up in school colors to cheer on his high school team.

Kyle went to Minot State University to receive his Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting with a minor in Speech and a concentration in Marketing. He knew he wanted to go into broadcasting when he was a Weather Kid for Tom Schrader back in 1999 when he was in 2nd grade. Kyle worked many part-time jobs throughout high school and college, but the one he most loved was working at Clear Channel Radio in Minot, ND. Hired on in high school of December of 2008, he worked almost 5 years doing various activities. He did DJing, newscasts, and interviews on 910 AM KCJB, and also did weekends on 97 Kicks FM.  When Clear Channel needed a part-time play by play person, Kyle jumped at the opportunity back in 2011.

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his senior year in college, Kyle did live TV broadcasts for the Minot State Men’s and Women’s basketball on the local access channel in Minot, on KMSU Channel 19 where he won a First Place Eric Sevareid Award. He also did some freelance work for Midco Sports Network and was a KMSU Manager at Minot State training all the incoming freshmen using the broadcasting equipment.

Paula Selensky

Scott Peterson
Sports Announcer

Scott grew up on a small grain and cattle farm in southwest Barnes County in North Dakota.  He graduated from Montpelier High School.  He then attended NDSU-Bottineau and NDSU-Fargo where he earned a degree in Wildlife Management and Zoology.  He works for the ND Game and Fish Department and has been the manager of the Lonetree Wildlife Management Area near Harvey since 1992.  Scott and his wife DeeAnn, have two sons, Greg and Zach.  Scott got hooked on the sport of wrestling while watching his sons wrestle in school and now broadcasts Harvey Hornet wrestling action to area fans. 

Chris age 2
Chris Wakefield
Chris. Wakefield - Professional Artist

"I got to be a kid during the 70's and 80's.  I didn't have a choice in this.  It just sort of happened.  I can't complain, really.  compared to a lot of other places, the U.S.A. is a pretty great place to grow up.  I grew up in a very visual and instantaneous world.  I watched a load of TV, read comic books, listened to music all the time.  I remember the very first music video on MTV, my parents buying a microwave, my first Whopper. 
I loved the good parts of being a kid, never wanted to grow up.  Parts of me never have.  I like to have fun, and don't much like the responsibilities of being an adult.  I was never any good at school or much else for that matter.  I think that is why I like to paint so much.  I get to just have fun, get lost in the color, no rules.  It's where I feel the happiest, like I'm doing what I was meant to do.  I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the whole world doing something I love and making a living at it."

"How do I define my work?  It's colorful.  I know that, but beyond that, I want to manipulate the common and ordinary, to stand out from the crowd, for people to say, that's a Wakefield.  I want my work to be art, for people to love it for what it is, not to match their couches.  I don't give a damn about that.  I like to tweak people's noggins, get them to look at life from a different angle.  My work is fun, sarcastic, sees the humor of life and looks cool."


Damian Whitehorse
Sports Board Operator and Weekend Production Director

Bio to follow.

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KHND Greeter and Mouse Control Officer


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